Anal Sex Benefits

As years pass, sex is more and more common in our society. Naked or scantily clothed people are found on the covers of all magazines and in thousands of advertisements and commercials and only the most prudish people feel embarrassed by these images. Surprisingly, even in this age sex still has some “gray areas”, so to speak. Things that many people reject out of hand and are not keen to talk about. Anal sex is one of these gray areas that cannot be brought up in polite conversation. Oral sex used to be in the same situation half a century ago, but it’s now very much part of the mainstream.

Whenever people think of anal sex, they usually think “gay men” and “dirty”. These are the first things that come to mind. The anus is seen by most as the dirtiest place of the human body, although during the day our hands come into contact with various things that are, probably, just as dirty as the anus. Another less known issue is the fact that many gay men share the same apprehension about anal sex as straight couples and so they don’t engage in it. The next things that come to mind when speaking of anal sex are “pain” and “humiliation”, the hallmarks of bad anal sex. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

On the other hand, anal sex is popular among some teenagers for the same reason oral sex is very popular: it preserves the hymen intact. This way a girl can have a lot of sex before marriage and still be a virgin on her wedding night. This is a convenient way of having the cake and eating it, too, although the bridegroom may be in for a surprise when he finds out that the bride has quite a lot of experience despite the fact that she is still a virgin. Still, everything is fair in love and war and we ought to remember that such girls save their best part for their husbands.

Anal sex is also a great way of bringing back some of that spark to your sex life. The anus is new and forbidden territory, which is why so many men are inching their way downwards during oral sex. They want to explore the tighter way that is denied to them by the mainstream culture and they want to know its delights. If you are bored with vaginal intercourse, oral sex and if not even the fetishes work anymore, then you could try anal sex. Since some couples engage in anal sex on a regular basis, it’s pretty clear that both partners take pleasure from this naughty activity.

In women, the rectum and the vagina are separated only by a wall of flesh. Many of the nerve endings that make the vagina such a delightfully sensitive place are to be found precisely in this wall, which means that they can be stimulated from both the vagina and the rectum. Actually, the nerves are closer to the surface on the rectum side, which makes for some powerful and quite unique sensations during anal sex. Men also enjoy it because it’s the only way to stimulate their prostate gland. The prostate acts as some sort of G-spot for men; some don’t feel a thing during anal sex, others get huge orgasms. It’s all in how you were put together.

So drop the bias and educate yourself about anal sex. You can learn how to avoid the pain and how to get all that pleasure that lies within easy reach. Who knows, you might end up making anal sex part of your regular bedroom routines. Have fun.


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