Body Map of Erogenous Zones

The human body is a wonderfully complex system that serves a wide range of functions. It turns solid and liquid substances to pure energy, it takes us where we want to go and it gives us a lot of pleasure. Spread across the surface of our bodies are hot spots of pleasure also known as the erogenous zones. These spots that make us all so curious are highly sensitive places, filled with more nerve endings than your average patch of skin. Properly stimulated, they can make any person burn with desire before anything like sex takes place.

The Feet: They carry your weight all day long except when you put them up and relax and any shapely pair of them can catch the eye of even the most reclusive and dedicated Linux programmers. We all like to have them massaged and this goes double for women who wear high heels. However, there is much more a skilled lover can do with the feet.
Tip: Massage and caress them. If the lady has 5-star hygiene, you can also let your mouth play with her toes. Any woman would be delighted to see that her man loves every part of her body.

The Wrists: The wrists are sort of a secret pleasure area because most men have no idea that they are among the most sensitive areas of the female body. So take advantage of this spot and amaze your lover with your thorough knowledge of foreplay.
Tip: Kiss and nuzzle her wrists passionately and you might be surprised with the results.

The Breasts: Can you say yummy? Breasts are among the best-known and best-loved hot spots, so it’s highly unlikely that you are going to pass them up. Here you can squeeze, fondle, suck, kiss and lick to your heart’s content. Just make sure you don’t rush things. Don’t go for the nipple until it’s hard and standing to attention.
Tip: Go slowly and move from the outside toward the nipple. Don’t forget that the underside of the breast is just as sensitive as the exposed upper side.

The Vagina and Clitoris (a.k.a Heaven): Ahh, this is where you get to be really creative. Once the foreplay has done its job and the woman is properly aroused, you can move into the target area and show some more of your skills. The vagina and clitoris combo is the most powerful pleasure engine around, so you can take your time here and make her moan in pleasure.
Tip: Use your hands, your mouth, your penis, her toys and whatever else you could think of. And don’t forget about the G-spot.

The Lips: Also known as First Base among the teenagers and many of those who used to be teenagers some years back. The lips are the spot where the physical relation begins and rightfully so. This is the best place to show a lot of passion because she can meet it with her own passion. Lock lips and let your tongues explore.
Tip: Use your lips, your tongue and your teeth. Be gentle and full of passion, but if she wants some rough play, let her have it.

The Inner Thighs: This is an area I like to call the Gates to Heaven. The inner thighs are soft and sensitive and a pleasure to caress, mostly because spending time here helps build the anticipation for both you and her. After a minute or two, she will be urging you to move forward, so you can choose between teasing her some more or diving right into the main course.
Tip: No rough play here. Soft touches and caresses, kissing and licking are the recommended course of action. Remember that your goal is to both tease and please.

Behind the Knees: Another great teaser area. Stroke it softly and listen for a rewarding sigh. Just don’t overdo it here.
Tip: Stroking and caressing is the way to go.

The Buttocks: One of the sexiest things a woman can show you. Let your hands wonder down there to play and squeeze the soft mounds of flesh. A light spanking can be a major turn on for many women and you can also move lower to the little opening. Just remember to ask the lady beforehand if she likes anal play.
Tip: Squeeze them, stroke them, kiss them and lick them if this is what you wish. Spanking can work wonders.

The Nape of the Neck: One of the best-known erogenous zones, already part of the pop culture. Nearly every man knows that kissing a woman’s neck is bound to drive her wild. Just don’t expect her to rip your clothes off and mount you after only a couple of kisses. The neck is just the beginning of the road to pleasure.
Tip: Kisses and light bites are welcome here.

The Ears: You’d be surprised how many women like it when men pay attention to their ears. Sticking your tongue in her ear all of a sudden is not a good idea, but a gentle approach can be very rewarding.
Tip: You can kiss, bite or suck on her ears, while whispering whatever sexy things go through your head. Don’t be shy; let her know how much you want her.

The Small of Her Back: from a technical point of view, this is not an erogenous area. Still, a good massage of the small of her back will drive stress away and put her into a relaxed mood that goes very well with sexual pleasure. Another plus is the fact that your massage will help the flow of blood to the pelvic area, which is crucial for arousal.
Tip: You can certainly spice up the massage with a couple of kisses or even with paying attention to her neck while kneading away with your hands.

The Perineum: A very sensitive and unexplored area. The small patch of skin between the vagina lips and the anus is packed with nerve endings and, therefore, apt to give a lot of pleasure with the right kind of stimulation. It’s also one step away from the anus and as such, has an exotic air.
Tip: Go for the soft touch here and make sure the lady approves of your foray into the nether regions.


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